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TetriAttack 100%

Another fast paced Tetris style game from the developers of TetriBattle3 100%.

  • Genre: Puzzle

Word Whiz

Four volumes of word tests from circa 1990. All multiple choice and all presented in lovely DOS.

  • Genre: Puzzle

Mario Forever: Block Party

Mario Forever: Block Party is a vibrant platformer that offers increasingly difficult levels of puzzle game play. Join Mario in the fight against Bowser and Kamek as they try to destroy the world in order to build a new evil empire.

  • Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
  • Tags: Adventure Games, Free, Mario, Mario Forever, Mario Forever: Block Party, Puzzle Games

Robot Puzzle

Your robot is broken and you must align the gears in the right configuration to keep it working.

  • Genre: Puzzle

Link-Em Bamboo!

This “Pipe Dream” game has you linking bamboo shoots to make food for a hungry panda.

  • Genre: Puzzle


Grubbers is a single-player, turn-based strategy game played on a grid and featuring bugs.

  • Genre: Puzzle


A rather simple colour matching game from Japan which has little to do with slime.

  • Genre: Puzzle

Zelda Forever

Zelda Forever combines many familiar elements of the original series with new, simple game play in colorful graphics. Join Link in his quest to once again save Princess Zelda as you wind through a map of various levels requiring multiple strategies.

  • Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
  • Tags: Adventure Games, Free, Puzzles Games, Zelda, Zelda Forever