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Deluxe Snake Download

  • Developer: daniel schylder
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Deluxe Snake

Just like the cell phone game

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  • Froggy

    A game with enough varitions to satisfy most any snake enthusiast.

    There are levels where the only objective is to stay alive as long as possible [ultra-basic].

    To levels with many power-ups you recive randomly from eating frogs or gifts [deluxe].

    And you can also play to earn your power-ups in deluxe cash.

    You can even add your own midis by using explorer.....
    place them in C:\program files\deluxe snake\data\midis

  • Zero

    A very simple game. Very similar to the Nokia version, except there are powerups to be picked up. There are a few levels to play, some with and some without borders. There is an online top 20 high scores list.

  • Ali

    I was looking for this game for a whole year, and now I finally found it! I think it's a wonderful game.

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